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We are Olga & Jeff, a couple living and working in the Chicagoland area. Like so many of you, we are genuinely passionate about plants and moss which are things that enlighten our lives. We've spent a lot of time traveling around the world and discovering the bright sides of different cultures. Everywhere we've been, one major thing has stuck in our mind -- people have a strong connection to nature. 

After seeing a preserved and dried greenery trend in the Netherlands, the country of plants, we started to integrate and experience the amazing potential of moss and dried florals in our home. From there, we knew we had to share it. So, in September 2018, we started Mossy Moss by Olia.  

Our mission is to bring a touch of nature into people's homes and businesses. We design, moss wall, moss logos, floral arrangements and other unique greenery designs that are maintenance-free, long-lasting and beneficial for your well-being.

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100% natural. 0% maintenance. 
For your Zen & Hapiness.

You don't have to be a green thumber or plant expert to enjoy our products. Our company, Mossy Moss by Olia, handcrafts high-quality interior design products. We use a large variety of 100% natural and preserved greenery -- from multi-colored moss to ferns and florals. 

All our creations require zero maintenance and, for that reason, can be used for any type of interior surfaces in your home or business. 

Decorate your walls, ceilings, tables or shelves with our centerpieces, signs and accessories. Shop our pre-made items or give us a call and we will create customized art pieces specific for your space