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MOSS & BIRCH Dining Table Centerpiece

MOSS & BIRCH Dining Table Centerpiece

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Captivating Preserved Moss and Birch Centerpiece, the perfect table adornment that breathes life into your decor. Crafted with care in Palos Heights, IL, these centerpieces infuse a touch of nature into any space. Adding an earthy, textured charm, they are a stylish statement that revitalizes your surroundings.

Handcrafted using a metal planter enveloped in Birch Bark, this centerpiece captures the essence of the forest. Filled with preserved moss, delicate ferns, ornamental grass, and dried flowers, it mirrors the beauty of nature's growth.

Experience the allure of the outdoors within your home. Stay tuned as we introduce more styles to our collection, allowing you to choose the ideal centerpiece for your space.

  • The planter is 20" L x 9" W x 6" H
  • Our preserved greeneries do not need any maintenance as they are preserved (not alive anymore)
  • We recommend keeping it out of direct sun because - as we know - sun can fade and harm everything.
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