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Dried Bahia Spears with Seeds

Dried Bahia Spears with Seeds

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Introducing our striking Dried Bahia Spears Branches with Seeds – the perfect statement for tall vases and standalone boho decor. These natural dried branches don't need any extra adornments; they make a bold statement on their own.

With each bundle containing 9 stems reaching up to 36 inches tall, you have the flexibility to trim them to your desired length. These Bahia Spears branches are ideal for creating a unique touch in your decor. They're particularly suited for masculine interiors, where they beautifully complement wood, metal, and stone elements.

Elevate your space with these exquisite tall dried flowers, transforming it into a haven of natural beauty. Explore the versatility and charm of our Dried Bahia Spears Branches with Seeds today!

Available in 4 colors:
- White Wash
- Grey Wash
- Natural Brown
- Dark Brown

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