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Dried Black Bearded Wheat

Dried Black Bearded Wheat

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Experience the rustic natural beauty of our Black Bearded Wheat bouquet! 🌾 These dried wheat stalks showcase heavy heads of golden grain and exclusive dark black florets, unique to the black beard variety of wheat.

Perfect for adding a touch of countryside charm to your home or special occasion, our Black Bearded Wheat is ideal for enchanting bouquets, centerpieces, or standalone fall accents.

Infuse your space with the timeless appeal of this exquisite wheat variety, bringing warmth and nature's finest to your arrangements. Let its golden beauty and dark florets create captivating displays that make a statement. Enjoy the enchantment of Black Bearded Wheat and embrace its rustic elegance!

  • Up to 30 inches long
  • Dried
  • Bundle of 25 stems

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