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Dried Bleached Cara Blossom Stems

Dried Bleached Cara Blossom Stems

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Dried Bleached Cara Blossom Bunch, a stunning addition to your indoor floral arrangements. With approximately 60 blooms, these flowers offer a unique and dramatic touch to any setting, whether arranged or used as a striking standalone vase filler.

Carefully bleached to achieve their enchanting color, these elegant cara blossoms preserve their natural beauty. Please note that they are for indoor use only, away from direct sunlight, moisture, and humidity, ensuring their longevity.

Transform your indoor decor with our remarkable Dried Bleached Cara Blossom Bunch. Embrace their drama and sophistication, adding lasting allure to your home or special occasions.

  • dried flowers
  • up to 60 flower buds 
  • stems are 20-24" tall x 6" wide
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