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Dried Bunny Tail Grass

Dried Bunny Tail Grass

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Discover the adorable allure of Bunny Tail Dried Grasses—your go-to for the cutest, softest, and bushiest dried florals around. Versatile and enchanting, they serve as charming fillers in centerpieces and bouquets. However, their beauty shines remarkably all on their own, adding a touch of whimsy to any space.

Elevate your decor with the timeless appeal of Bunny Tail Grass. Embrace all-season elegance as they transform your surroundings into a boho haven. Known as Lagurus Ovatus, these dried grasses provide a natural decoration that enhances any setting effortlessly.

Whether used as vase fillers or part of a dried flower bouquet, Bunny Tail Dried Grasses embody ornamental grace. Elevate your space with these enchanting florals, adding a dash of boho flair to your decor.

  • length is between 12 - 15 inches long
  • you will receive over 25 stems
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