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Dried Flower Halloween Wedding Bouquet

Dried Flower Halloween Wedding Bouquet

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elebrate your fall or Halloween wedding with our stunning Dried Flower Halloween Wedding Bouquet. This unique arrangement features burgundy and purple wedding flowers, along with dried and preserved King Flower, Caspia, Salal, and a hint of blue Eucalyptus for a touch of greenery.

This bouquet is perfect for Halloween weddings, black flower weddings, purple flower weddings, or gothic weddings. It's a captivating choice for your special day.

We're all about customization. Whether you want to add pop-up colors or adjust the size for bridesmaids or boutonnieres, just drop us a personal message, and we'll create a custom order tailored to your vision.

Elevate your wedding with this everlasting and striking Dried Flower Halloween Wedding Bouquet, showcasing the rich beauty of burgundy and purple flowers. Explore the charm of this unique arrangement today.

  • about 15 inches wide and 12 inches tall.
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