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Dried Tall Pinto Berries Stems

Dried Tall Pinto Berries Stems

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Let us introduce you to our fabulous Dried Pinto Berry Stems – the secret to unique and textured decor!

These natural ornamental grains boast a stunning display of cream and black seeds adorning each stem. They're not just space fillers; they're standout focal points, ideal for creating that boho chic ambiance.

With their natural blush-tinted shades and small dried berries, they bring a subtle textural element to seasonal arrangements. Whether you're decorating a tall vase or crafting boho chic creations, these Pinto Berry Stems are your go-to.

Each bundle contains 5 of these remarkable stems. Elevate your decor with the charm of Pinto Berries

  • approximately 18-24" tall,
  • weigh about 8 ounces
  • 5 stems per bundle as pictured
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