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Dried Purple Blue Larkspur

Dried Purple Blue Larkspur

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Elevate your events with our stunning Bundle of Dried Purple Blue Larkspur. Whether for a wildflower wedding bouquet or charming baby shower arrangements, these everlasting flowers exude a romantic allure. Grown in the USA, their natural beauty adds a touch of elegance. While shedding is natural, a gentle shake removes any loose pieces. Create wildflower-themed decor, rustic arrangements, or bridal bouquets with these Pink Dried Flowers. The versatility of Dried Florals, Wildflowers, and Wedding Flowers makes them a perfect addition to various occasions. Achieve a farm-style or simple arrangement effortlessly, as these Everlasting Flowers bring enduring charm to any setting.

  • Each bundle consists of +20 stems
  • between 23-26" Tall (5 oz per Bunch).

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