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Dried Purple Majesty Millet

Dried Purple Majesty Millet

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Introducing our captivating Dried Purple Majesty Millet – a touch of rustic elegance for your space!

This ornamental grass boasts a stunning black-purple hue that adds a unique and dramatic flair. Whether you're looking for a standalone vase filler or want to infuse country-style charm into your floral arrangements, this preserved wheat is your perfect choice.

Each bunch contains approximately 6-8 branches, and with proper care (away from direct sunlight and moisture), it will grace your decor for a very long time.

Please note, as with delicate dried flowers, some buds may fall off during shipping. If you have any concerns, just message us – we're here to make it right.

Elevate your space with the enchanting beauty of Dried Purple Majesty Millet.

  • Length: 25-27"
  • 6-8 branches per bundle
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