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Dried White Everlasting Straw Flowers

Dried White Everlasting Straw Flowers

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Experience the charm of simplicity with our Everlasting White Strawflowers. Resembling delicate daisies with a subtle shine, these natural white florals add a touch of romance to any setting.

Perfect for shorter vases or your own DIY flower arrangements, these sturdy straw flower heads outshine the rest of their dried counterparts. Their winter snow white hue, also known as Helichrysums, lends an air of purity to your flower arrangement.

Create a stunning white flower arrangement that exudes sophistication and timelessness. Let the everlasting beauty of these white strawflowers grace your space, infusing it with a sense of enduring elegance.

  • 10-12 stems per bundle with silver, grey stems
  • 12-15" Tall x 1-2" Blooms
  • 3-5 Stems per Bundle
  • Dried
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