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Enamel Plant Pin Collection

Enamel Plant Pin Collection

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Enamel Plant Pin Collection, a perfect little gift to brighten your day or share with loved ones. These cute enamel pins, standing at approximately 1 inch in height, are adorned with a butterfly backing, ensuring easy wearability.

Whether you choose to display them proudly on a denim jacket or add a touch of charm to your purse, these pins make a subtle yet impactful statement. They're more than accessories; they're a celebration of your love for plants, Earth, and all things green.

Our Enamel Plant Pins have become bestsellers, cherished by plant ladies and enthusiasts alike. Each pin arrives in a charming gift box, making them a thoughtful birthday idea or a sweet "thank you" gift. Elevate your style with these adorable badges and let your love for plants shine through with our Enamel Plant Pin Collection.

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