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Deep Green Preserved Willow Eucalyptus

Deep Green Preserved Willow Eucalyptus

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Beautiful Preserved Willow Eucalyptus! These long, elegant leaves are grown and preserved in the US, offering lasting beauty for your floral creations. 

Perfect for weddings, centerpieces, or as standalone greenery in vases, this drooping weeping willow eucalyptus brings a touch of nature to any setting.

Preserved to last, these green beauties are the perfect addition to greenery garlands, flower bouquets, or wedding centerpieces, creating an elevated organic look. 

Bring the natural charm of the outdoors to your floral arrangements with our Preserved Willow Eucalyptus. Elevate your décor effortlessly and embrace the timeless allure of nature.

  • Preserved
  • Stems vary in length anywhere from 16-22
  • Bundle of 8-10 stems as pictured


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