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Real preserved Eucalyptus & Moss Kokedama

Real preserved Eucalyptus & Moss Kokedama

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Introducing our care-free Preserved Moss Kokedama, crafted from real Eucalyptus Greenery and moss. Perfect for enhancing your space with nature, these Kokedamas are part of our Biophilic designs project, offering sustainable, natural decor. Use them as hanging ornaments or bowl fillers in your home, office, or any space.

Kokedama Moss Plant require zero care. If you are looking for an easy-care houseplant, this unique plant is a perfect uncomplicated greenery addition to your home or office.

Looking for customization? Contact us for different sizes or plant materials. Kokedama, meaning "moss ball" in Japanese, is a unique bonsai style. Hang them with the included string or place them anywhere to create an indoor garden. Give the gift of a distinctive and exotic Kokedama – each piece is an original work of art.

  • moss ball sizes: 4"; 6"; 8" or 10"
  • moss ball will be filled with the greenery which makes the entire Kokedama 8" - 20" tall depending on the moss ball size e.g. an 8" moss ball will be a 16" tall Kokedama.
  • Instructions: For indoor use only. Keep out of direct sunlight. Bright indirect light is fine. DO NOT WATER. Detailed instructions are included with shipment.
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