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Natural Dried Blush Happy Flower Bundle

Natural Dried Blush Happy Flower Bundle

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Discover the charm of our Dried Natural Happy Flowers! These delicate blooms are perfect for adding texture and beauty to your terracotta, fall, boho, or rustic wedding themes. With their durability and dainty appearance, these flowers are incredibly versatile and easy to work with. Create stunning arrangements that provide a touch of elegance and captivating texture.

Not only are these flowers a delightful choice for weddings, but they also make adorable decorations for baby rooms or thoughtful gifts for friends and moms. Their cheerful presence is guaranteed to bring a smile to your lips.

  • Straw Flowers
  • 3 oz bunch (appr. 50 stems)
  • Natural beige OR Pink Blush
  • Length: 18-20 inches

Each bundle of Dried Natural Happy Flowers contains approximately 50 stems (3oz), providing you with an abundance of floral goodness. Choose from two lovely colors: Natural or Pink Blush, depending on your desired aesthetic.

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