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Natural Dried Phalaris Grass

Natural Dried Phalaris Grass

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Elevate your creativity with our Dried Phalaris Grass, also known as Canary Grass. Crafters and florists alike will adore this ornamental grass, perfect for unique arrangements. Whether used solo or in flower displays, this grass lends a touch of fall elegance. Ideal for tall vases, it's a must-have for adding rustic charm to your space.

Unearth the extraordinary with Phalaris Canary Grass—rare and captivating, this decorative grass brings nature's beauty indoors, completing your home decor effortlessly. With its natural appeal, it's a versatile addition that adds character to any setting.

Embrace the enchantment of Dried Phalaris Grass, an ornamental gem that effortlessly embodies the spirit of fall. Transform your space with ease—decorate for autumn, Thanksgiving, and beyond with this timeless touch of nature.

  • Dried Phalaris Grass - Canary Grass
  • Large 4-6 oz bunch
  • Length: 26-27 inches long
  • Natural
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