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Preserved Moss & Wood Dining Table Centerpiece

Preserved Moss & Wood Dining Table Centerpiece

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Preserved Moss Centerpieces on a wooden base - Our preserved moss centerpieces are designed to infuse your table with natural beauty while serving as a fashionable accessory that breathes life into your decor. Get ready to embrace earthiness, greenery, and texture as these centerpieces effortlessly transform any room they grace. These captivating additions are crafted with utmost care and attention to detail right here in Palos Heights, IL.

This moss centerpiece is nestled within a wooden natural planter. Inside, you'll discover a delightful arrangement of preserved moss, ferns, ornamental grass, and dried flowers, mirroring the splendor of elements found in a lush forest.

The wooden planter measures approximately 23" in length, 9" in width, and 6" in height, making it a substantial and eye-catching centerpiece for your table. Please note that due to the natural uniqueness of each piece, the final product may slightly differ from the images provided in the original listing. To ensure your satisfaction, we always send images for your approval before shipping.

Rest assured; our preserved greeneries require no maintenance whatsoever since they have been carefully preserved. Gone are the worries of keeping plants alive these centerpieces are perfect for those seeking hassle-free greenery. However, we do recommend keeping them away from direct sunlight, as we know all too well that the sun can fade and harm even the most cherished possessions.

Elevate your decor with our Preserved Moss Centerpieces and bring the splendor of nature into your home. Order now to experience the timeless allure of preserved greenery at its finest!
  • Preserved MOSS & WOOD Dining Table Centerpiece:
  • Type: Custom made Centerpiece
  • Color: Natural brown & green
  • Length: approximately 23" long x 9" wide x 6" tall
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