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Preserved Potted Plant

Preserved Potted Plant

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Meet "Pot Head," your hassle-free green companion! Crafted from preserved Leatherleaf fern and moss, this potted wonder brings nature indoors without the fuss. Say farewell to watering stress and sunlight concerns – our preserved plant thrives with zero maintenance.

Encased in a customizable ceramic pot, this botanical delight adds whimsy to any space. Standing 8-11 inches tall, it's perfect for homes, offices, or hotels. These 100% real, naturally preserved plants last for at least 2 years with proper care, making them both eco-friendly and beautiful. Remember, keep them away from direct sunlight to maintain their vibrant colors and avoid watering to prevent mold. When dust settles, a gentle blow with a hairdryer keeps them fresh.

Looking for a specific pot or fern variety? Just ask! Embrace easy elegance with Pot Head, where nature's beauty meets convenience.

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