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White Dried Star Flowers

White Dried Star Flowers

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Enhance your floral creations with the timeless allure of our Dried Natural Star Flowers. These delicate blooms, boasting a neutral off-white hue, bring the beauty of nature into your arrangements. Whether adorning a bud vase or complementing a larger flower bouquet, these small and adorable flowers serve as the perfect filler for any arrangement.

Our dried star flowers offer exceptional quality and longevity. Their preserved state ensures that their beauty will endure, making them a versatile and reliable addition to your creative projects.

Infuse your floral arrangements with the natural charm of our Dried Natural Star Flowers, and let their delicate allure captivate both you and your guests.

  • Each bundle features over 100 thin stems
  • Heights 12 to 20 inches
  • Blooms measuring approximately 0.25 inches
  • Bundle 5-6 oz
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